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August 03

About Me: Confessions Edition

This is about me: confessions edition. Films. My favorite film series is 007. Food. I have an addiction to Brie Cheese. Friends. My friends are my family. Pop Culture. I enjoy cheesy teen romance films (Hunger Games, Twilight, you name it). Time. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change anything. Travel. I love reading geeky, think […]

July 12

Go Big or Go Home

Tonight my friends and I are going out to celebrate birthdays. There is only one way to go – Go Big or Go Home. My drink of choice? Either a vodka martini with two olives or a Jager Bomb. I know one makes me a classy guy with the tastes of James Bond. Another one […]

March 12

Who is I?

March 01

My Sunday Reset Button

There is something about SoulCycle that you can’t explain. I find ending my week with that spin class prepares me for what lies ahead. I look at the wall that says: “Athlete, Legend, Warrior, Renegade, Rockstar” and get energized for what lies ahead. Friends have always been my reset button. And the girls I go […]

January 02

Unresolutions 2015

2015 the best is yet to come. I look back at the 2013 and 2014 resolutions and see that I struggle with full year commitments. So let’s take a different approach. I am going to try, “Unresolutions.” What are unresolutions? Well set the resolution in a different mindset. Call it reverse psychology. Call it devil’s […]

January 01

The Year That Will Be 2015

It is a bit past midnight. The girls and I are cuddled up watching Ryan Seacrest in Time Square. The dogs are snoring in a dogpile with the blankets we draped around them. SF is alive with drunk revelers in the Mission, fireworks along the Embarcadero, and cheering gay boys in the Castro. I love New […]

December 31

The Year That Was 2014

This post is dedicated to my college roommate Vaughn Shain Alexander.  2014 was a year of extremes. I traveled to the World Cup in Brazil and hosted Global Press Events in Las Vegas and Berlin. I made several lifelong friends and rekindled friendships that had gone silent. My BMW X1 entered my life and I will never […]