Monthly Archives: September 2014

September 30

Origins of AIDS Traced Back to Central African City of Kinshasa

Originally posted on TIME:
HIV/AIDS originated in Kinshasa in 1920, long before it was officially recognized in the 1980s, according to a study published on Friday in the journal Science. The authors of the study traced the origin of the disease to Kinshasa, which is now part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, using archived…

September 29

Match these Presidents with their Dogs

Originally posted on Northern News:
In honor of American Humane Association’s Adopt-a-Dog Month, here’s a little quiz for you. Bo and Sunny, Portuguese Water Dogs, are the current residents at the White House. Bill Clinton                   A. Spot, the Springer Spaniel & son of Millie George Bush    …

September 28

Winning with Honor

For many in sports, winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing. This quote is attributed to UCLA Bruins Football Coach Henry Russell Sanders. This weekend, I saw this belief played out at my other alma mater – University of Michigan. Michigan Head Coach Brady Hoke kept quarterback – Shane Morris – in the game after […]

September 27

The Boxtrolls

This week, I went to see a charming stop-motion animation film. “The Boxtrolls” is curiously allegorical and full of heart. It’s a story about a young boy adopted by bluish, grayish, box-wearing trolls. They live peacefully underground, listening to music, co-sleeping and stealing trinkets from garbage heaps. The film grabs your attention with its grotesqueries, but ultimately […]

September 26

Gay Teen’s Suicide in Colombia Confronts Catholics Worldwide

Originally posted on Bondings 2.0:
Sergio Urrego A 16-year old Colombian boy committed suicide recently, a tragic act his parents blame on the faculty and staff at his Catholic high school and an act that raises questions for Catholic education globally. Sergio Urrego had attended Gimnasio Castillo Campestre, Bogota, for six years, but the troubles started after administrators…

September 25

In Honor of Harvey

Originally posted on love dogs:
Tomorrow we call time on our Harvey.  I don’t know how we are going to do it. I can barely breathe every time I let myself think about it. We have less than 24 hours left together, after 14 years, how are we supposed to do this?  How do people…

September 24

20 Years of “Friends”, “Friends” Meets “Super Friends”

20 years of the television series “Friends.” Incredible. In honor of this incredible anniversary, let’s do a mashup “Friends” meets “Super Friends.” Sure this video made the rounds a few years ago, but always good to revisit old favorites. Television sure has changed since the days of “Friends” and “Super Friends.” I have my favorite […]