Budweiser Ultimate ‘Beer Buddy’ Commercial


Simple concept. Ultimate result.

The Budweiser Ultimate ‘Beer Buddy’ commercial is an example how capitalism, corporate responsibility, and social good can all come together.

The ad, titled “Friends Are Waiting,” highlights the friendship a man shares with his dog. Things take a twist, however, when one night the dog’s owner fails to return home after a night of drinking with his friends. The ad shows the dog anxiously waiting for his master’s return throughout the night.

“For some, the waiting never ended,” a title slide then says. “But we can change that.”

Moments later, the owner return home to the dog’s excitement.

“Hey, I’m sorry,” the man says. “I decided I shouldn’t drive home last night.”

The Budweiser spot concludes advising viewers to “make a plan to make it home” because “your friends are counting on you.”