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November 14

18 Adorable Puppies On Their First Day Of Work

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h/t: BuzzFeed 1. “Is there a nap time anywhere in my work schedule?” imgur.com / Via Facebook: NNPDs-K-9-Lacey 2. “Am I supposed to know how to read to do this job?” i.imgur.com 3. “Don’t worry! I’ll guard the car while the big dogs catch the bad guy.” i.imgur.com 4. “This harness is so comfy,…

September 22

Budweiser Ultimate ‘Beer Buddy’ Commercial

Simple concept. Ultimate result. The Budweiser Ultimate ‘Beer Buddy’ commercial is an example how capitalism, corporate responsibility, and social good can all come together. The ad, titled “Friends Are Waiting,” highlights the friendship a man shares with his dog. Things take a twist, however, when one night the dog’s owner fails to return home after […]

August 20

Opie and Roscoe

The last few days on the news I have been reading about a dog and a cat who are best friends. Last September, an abandoned kitten was rescued by a dog and his owner. Now the cat and dog are inseparable. I keep on seeing people being surprised by pairings like this. After being the […]

March 14

My Dog and My Cat on a Lazy Afternoon

Max – my dog – and Zoe – my cat – hangout in the spring sun of San Francisco. Max likes to stare at the door and Zoe hangs out in a box. Growing up I always thought dogs and cats were the ultimate foes. It wasn’t until I adopted Max and Zoe that I […]

March 08

Dog Rules

Welcome to my house! These are rules to keep in mind when talking to a dog owner.

February 02

A Radical Plan to Eliminate Dog-Friendly Areas in SF

Dog owners: The Golden Gate National Recreation Area has an extreme plan to eliminate dog walking in areas of Fort Funston, Crissy Field, Ocean Beach, Muir Beach, and Marin Headlands. 50% of San Francisco homes have dogs, yet few people in San Francisco know about this impeding ban. Let’s keep the Bay Area dog friendly. […]

January 22

PSA of the Day: Please Microchip Your Pets

So Touching! You Have To See This Dog’s Reaction To Being Rescued, I’m Almost In Tears! Dora the German Shepherd was missing for 7 months, but thanks to a microchip that was implanted under her skin, she was finally reunited with her family at Collin County Animals Services in McKinney, TX. Her reaction is nothing […]

November 22

New Addition #labrador #puppy

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Okay I know I blog about the dogs a lot, but you know you love it. They are a big part of our lives and my writing. I have missed my sweet boy Obi as has my Little Man Stitch. They were quite a pair. Anyway it is time to make…

September 05

Comedian Sarah Siverman’s moving farewell to her beloved dog

Duck was rescued from a shelter by comedian Sarah Silverman. This week she had to say ‘goodbye’ to her constant companion of 14 years. She wrote this touching farewell note to Duck on her WhoSay page: “Duck ‘Doug’ Silverman came into my life about 14 years ago. He was picked up by the State running […]

July 21

Schoep, the Dog that Touched Millions, Dies at 20

Schoep will be missed by his many fans, and most importantly by John, his best friend of 20 years. via Time. Animals can become viral stars for any number of reasons: a hilariously grumpy face, an exquisite fashion sense or even just a ridiculous amount of cuteness. But Schoep, the German Shepherd mix who just died […]