Monthly Archives: June 2014

June 30

World Cup Day 10: Travel Boldly

My new favorite hashtag is #TravelBoldly. It reminds me of my teenage years and backpacking across Asia, Europe, and Central America. I read the conversations using #TravelBoldly and I am inspired to do more, see more, and experience more. Today, we toured the streets of the Old Colony in El Centro, visited an antique fair, and […]

June 29

World Cup Day 9: 40,000 Party in Copacabana

  We joined 40,000 fans on Copacabana Beach to watch Brazil beat Chile. It was an unbelievable game. Giant screens were in place in the fan park on the golden sand as a staggering number of supporters packed out the beach, taking place in Belo Horizonte. Once Brazil won, fans took to the streets, lit firecrackers, […]

June 28

World Cup Day 8: Match Ball

Just when I thought the trip had reached its best moment, I am proven wrong. We were at the airport making conversation with random Americans who were traveling for the World Cup. One of the strangers turned out to be an official VIP for McDonald’s who was traveling with one of the official match balls […]

June 27

World Cup Day 7: Recife Underwater and USA vs. Germany Recap

  Yesterday, flooding in Recife created an absurd World Cup pregame scene. Many of the fans didn’t even make it. The rain started over night and continued through the game. Luckily our bus was able to navigate through backstreets, through flooded intersections, and over curbs and we arrived with a few hours to spare. Our […]

June 26

World Cup Day 6: “I Believe” USA vs. Germany

Today it happens. My whole trip has been geared towards Team USA vs. Team Germany. My friends and I have our faces painted with Stars & Stripes, I have donned my Team USA jersey and California state flag, and I have my hopes high. Many of Team USA’s families, support staff, and extended members are […]

June 25

World Cup Day 5: An Evening Stroll in Porto de Galinhas

Tonight I took an evening stroll along the beach in Porto de Galinhas. I watched the lightening far out in the water and just appreciated the past few days. It was nice to be alone with the water, beach, and wind. Earlier in the day, I watched the Swiss vs. Honduras game. There was a […]

June 24

World Cup Day 4: A Rainy Day in Recife

A photo is worth a thousand words. This image captured yesterday. It poured in Porto de Galinhas. We spent the day poolside, hanging out in bungalows, and watching the Italy vs. Uruguay game in the resort lobby. The resort turned the night club into an impromptu World Cup game watching theater. Day turned into night […]