Monthly Archives: June 2014

June 20

World Cup Day 0: Innocents Abroad

When Mark Twain wrote “The Innocents Abroad”, he fashioned it a travel book which chronicled the adventures and misadventures of a group of Americans in 1867 on a ship. Flash forward 150 years, and I am on my own journey to World Cup. Today we headed out for Brazil in search of an American Victory […]

June 19

World Cup: “I Believe That We Will Win”

For the next 2 weeks, my blog is getting taken over as I head to the World Cup. Expectations are high as Team USA travels to Brazil to win. I will be joining them along with a group of my friends. When I first booked the trip, I didn’t get it. World Cup brings together […]

June 18

Let Your Dog Sniff

Originally posted on Bark Time = everything and nothing:
When you take your dog for a walk, let him sniff. Smell is the most important sense for dogs, as important as sight is to humans. Use this to your advantage when you take your dog for a walk. Let him really discover and explore his world…

June 17

A Mississippi Love Story

A Mississippi Love Story. I have a lot of heroes. My heroes are the ones who stay in the ring versus staying comfortably in the stands. This leads me to reblogging about a documentary “A Mississippi Love Story.” The documentary looks at boyfriends Eddie Outlaw and Justin McPherson who remained in their state to fight […]

June 09

Inside U.S. Soccer’s March to Brazil and World Cup

ESPN films produced a fantastic in-depth look at the United States men’s football camp for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. In the first episode, ESPN covers the various players from the team and head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, a World Cup champion as a player and former coach of Germany’s national team. Subsequent episodes shadow the coaches and players […]

AIDS LifeCycle: Day 1 (83 miles down, 462 miles to go)

What always gets on AIDS LifeCycle are the mothers standing on the top of a hill with a photo of their son who lost the battle with AIDS. They say thank you. In fact, I should thank them. They get me through the day. But I digress… We rode out today from Cow Hollow excited, […]