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August 31

San Francisco, the NEMA Building, and the Paris Salons of the 19th Century

The NEMA Building. Is San Francisco the new Paris of the 19th century? The new Versailles? If you hangout at the NEMA Building it would seem so. NEMA, also known as Tenth and Market, is a 754-unit residential apartment complex in the Mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco. Tech-savvy and design-driven, NEMA is a next generation luxury […]

August 30

Channing Tatum Saturday: Channing Tatum in Milan 2002

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Throwback Thursday to actor, Channing Tatum, and his glamorous start to fame and fortune. Before the Hollywood actor was seen breakdancing on the movie Step Up and running wild along co-star Jonah Hill in the movie 21 Jump Street, he debuted as a runway model in Milan at the ripe age of…

August 29

A Conversation Between Two Dogs

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setting:  Cubby Bear, the Portuguese Water Dog, perched upon his couch alternating between licking and scratching and Sugar Bear, the other Portuguese Water Dog, rolling around on her back on the carpet… Cubby:  I nearby call this meeting of canines to order.  Shall I wave the reading of the…

August 28


I have found a new favorite blog that I will be visiting quite frequently. The blog site’s name is “thelifeofanaustralianunistudent.” The writer – M – has many of the same thoughts and feelings that I have. Why am I enamored with the site? Check out this blog post Wanderlust and tell me what you think. So much […]

August 27

The 30s – The Lost Decade

  Being in your 30s is an interesting time. I see articles that position your 20s as full of opportunity and your 30s as time slipping past or opportunity lost. For anyone who doubts the viability or vivacity of those in their 30s I say two words: Channing Tatum. The man has more talent and […]

August 26

It may be healthy for men to question their sexuality at some point

August 25

Come What May

It is going to be a crazy week at work so I took 10 minutes this morning to experience nostalgia. When Moulin Rouge came out, I was working for 20th Century Fox, living in Paris, and studying at l’Université Sorbonne Nouvelle. My boyfriend lived over a thousand miles away in Rome. Life was real and a fantasy all […]

August 24

Marble Mountains

Originally posted on nick on a shoestring:
The Marble mountains are halfway between Hoi An and Da Nang. We got there with public transport, or the “yellow bus”. It was not the easiest thing though as the ticket officers in the bus wanted to rip us off. While locals pay 18.000d for transfer to Hoi…

August 23

Channing Tatum Saturday – Tatum loves book

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August 22

‘Bone’ Appétit! California To Permit Outdoor Dining With Dogs