August 29


A Conversation Between Two Dogs



setting:  Cubby Bear, the Portuguese Water Dog, perched upon his couch alternating between licking and scratching and Sugar Bear, the other Portuguese Water Dog, rolling around on her back on the carpet…

Cubby:  I nearby call this meeting of canines to order.  Shall I wave the reading of the minutes?

Sugar:  Yeah.  The readers don’t understand Portuguese anyway.  And what kind of title is “A conversation between two dogs?”

Cubby:  A conversation between two ferns was taken.

Sugar:  Damn you Zach Galifianakas!  He’s not even a dog.

Cubby:  He kind of looks like a dog.

Sugar:  Yeah, a dead dog!  Bwahaha.  Look.  I’m rolling on the floor laughing…

Cubby:  Alright.  Watch the profanity and threats.  This is a family blog.  Any old business to discuss?

Sugar:  I got some old business.  Whatever happened to that white, puffy dog?  I like small dogs…

Cubby:  Who Max?  He was just here for…

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