August 28



I have found a new favorite blog that I will be visiting quite frequently. The blog site’s name is “thelifeofanaustralianunistudent.” The writer – M – has many of the same thoughts and feelings that I have.

Why am I enamored with the site? Check out this blog post Wanderlust and tell me what you think.

So much of my own life has been defined by travel, defined by movement. As the blog post quotes, “If men were meant to stay in the one place we would have roots instead of feet.”

Well it is Sunday morning and everyone over on Bluxome in San Francisco is waking up. Time to do my own mini- journey down with my pitbull Max from Bluxome over to AT&T Park for his morning walk.

Check out thelifeofanaustralianunistudent and tell me what you think.