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September 04

Welcome to the Philippines – Part 2 – Manila

Originally posted on alexnorthrule:
Its around about the half way mark in May, and I have just got a ferry to Manila from the sea town in the south, Coron. Having spent two weeks here and in Palawan exploring the hidden gems of El Nido, it was time I decided to get my Zen on…

September 02

Welcome to the Philippines – Part 1 – The South

Originally posted on alexnorthrule:
By far an away my favourite country of the three in Asia I have visited, the Philippines will always fill me with joy when I think back to the month I spent there. Each place I visited was different to the last, whether it is the south down in Palawan with…

August 28


I have found a new favorite blog that I will be visiting quite frequently. The blog site’s name is “thelifeofanaustralianunistudent.” The writer – M – has many of the same thoughts and feelings that I have. Why am I enamored with the site? Check out this blog post Wanderlust and tell me what you think. So much […]