September 04


Welcome to the Philippines – Part 2 – Manila


Its around about the half way mark in May, and I have just got a ferry to Manila from the sea town in the south, Coron. Having spent two weeks here and in Palawan exploring the hidden gems of El Nido, it was time I decided to get my Zen on and explore some mountains. I had heard rumours and was eager to see if they held true. 

Before I went north though, I still had a couple of days planned in Manila with Cory, namely the music festival he had convinced me to buy a ticket for. It was called Wanderland and was held just outside the business district of Makati, Manila. This is a very new and wealthy area of the city. The whole place has an air of style and purpose, and if it were not for the Jeepneys still hurtling along, I might have thought I…

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