September 03


Which travel sites can get you the furthest?


1. Trip Advisor


Product Offering:

Trip advisor offers travellers to share their experiences, reviews, and recommendations to a global community, as well as planning and booking tools to purchase holidays. The site offers extensive information covering a broad range of travel destinations including over 4 million reviews from independent travellers on accommodation, restaurants, bars, attractions and other travel related businesses. It also provides advice to businesses in the travel industry allowing them access to their trip advisor travellers.

Site Traffic:

  • Trip advisor is the 199th most visited site on the Internet globally and the 73rd most visited website in the United States
  • Trip advisor has a bounce rate of 38.8% as of September 2014
  • The daily page views per visitor is 3.8, which has dropped by 3.06%
  • Viewers spend 4.32 minutes on the site, which has increased by 2% in the last quarter.
  • Over 1.25 billion web users visited…

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