September 05


Theres no time!

The Life of zach

So after having quit G adventures, I find myself having just finished a 22 day trip and starting another 22 day trip today, for G adventures. Coming home to South Carolina and Kentucky was a really good thing for my perspective. I’m really interested in explaining why, but I won’t have the time until September 28th. I have my flight to Bogota for the second of October. I’m really excited to get back on with my ten year plan, but I’m happier working than I waas. After being gone for a couple of years, I had forgotten about the people that love me the most, and that you can’t ever forget your roots, no matter how cultured or worldly you think you are. Much love to everyone who has stayed with me this far. It’s officially been a year since this blog started, and I’m really proud of it’s organic…

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