September 06


How many camels are you worth in Egypt?

Sharm El Sheikh is without a doubt very touristy, so if you are looking to get a bit of the beaten track it isn’t the place to go. However there is a lot to do here, it is a famous diving spot and you can experience a wealth of culture on your doorstep.

The area has a mix of religions, I went out in search of mosques and churches, and what really surprised me was how extravagant and intricate the detailing was on the christian places of worship. I’m accustomed to seeing grand mosques, but churches tend to be (although very beautiful) quite similar to one another and very traditional. Not here though – this was probably my favourite activity over the week.


541907_10201461577035387_808057702_nDuring my trip I stayed in the Coral Sea Aqua Club which was a bit out the way, but peaceful none the less. Although I got hassled a lot…

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