Monthly Archives: September 2013

September 29

San Francisco at Night

A view of the Bay Bridge Lights

September 28

“Danny and Annie” from StoryCorps

True love should be as committed and sacrificial as this. What if this video was required as pre-marriage counseling for every young couple in the world? We think it could do some serious good. Pass it on.

September 22

The Hosts of Emmys Past Interrupt Neil Patrick Harris at the Awards

Neil Patrick Harris tried to open the Emmys, but was interrupted by past hosts of the show, including Jimmy Kimmel, Jane Lynch, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, and finally Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

September 22

Sunset in San Francisco

Sunset on another wonderful weekend in San Francisco.

September 21

The Best of Kristen Wiig

The best Kristen Wiig impressions.

September 20

A View from Space

Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke’s family photo left behind on the moon -1972.

September 19

Everything Wrong With “Twilight” In 6 Minutes Or Less

You demanded it, and we suffered through watching it multiple times. We’re scarred for life, but here’s your sins video for Twilight, the modern vampire love story everyone either loves or loves to hate. Cinema Sins took on the original 2008 “Twilight,” and counted the number of mistakes and sins in the film. From “This […]