August 27

The 30s – The Lost Decade



Being in your 30s is an interesting time. I see articles that position your 20s as full of opportunity and your 30s as time slipping past or opportunity lost. For anyone who doubts the viability or vivacity of those in their 30s I say two words:

Channing Tatum.

The man has more talent and opportunities than people in any other age. I can list a lot of other actors, writers, politicians, etc. who hit their stride in their 30s.

I refuse to allow those that would corner or position the 30s as a time where life is slipping past. There is a saying, “Lost Time is Never Found Again.” So I refuse to waist time worrying.

When I was in Brazil I remember the hashtag #TravelBoldly picking up. I think it is time to expand that thought. Your 30s #LiveBoldly.