June 22


World Cup Day 2: USA vs. Portugal

World Cup Day 2:

Imagine. 400 Americans on a beach watching the USA vs. Portugal game on a flat screen on the beach. Now you get an idea of how World Cup Day 2 went.

My friends and I spent the day in our hotel on the beach in Porto de Galinhas. A lazy day at the beach (and reading Agatha Christie’s “Death on the Nile”) was followed by the game. It felt like the Full Moon Party in Thailand with people dressing up like Rocky, Uncle Sam, and the Minute Men, random ex-patriots and traveling Americans drinking more than they could handle, and patriotic chants as the evening went on.

Entertainment Weekly (remember I don’t use real names on this blog) and I went around and shopped in the village. We visited an entrepreneur who tended a small shop with swimwear that he designs and creates. I purchase some along with some gear for the USA vs. Germany game.

Abrigado Team USA for a strong performance yesterday. Beat Germany.