November 22


New Addition #labrador #puppy

I am a sucker for any blog posts involving dogs. Growing up I had 3 dogs at a time. Now I am the proud owner of a pitbull – Max – and tabby cat – Zoe.

So read the following blog post and go hug your dog. Max is going to go take me for a walk.


Okay I know I blog about the dogs a lot, but you know you love it. They are a big part of our lives and my writing. I have missed my sweet boy Obi as has my Little Man Stitch.
Lnl_Yellow (234)
They were quite a pair. Anyway it is time to make this family whole again. Tonight we went and met our new Little Guy. He will bring a whole new dimension to our lives and plenty of writing material. I would like to introduce you to Chewbacca (Chewie).
I look forward to seeing what he will bring to our lives.
Stitch had a good sniff of me when I got home, then he lay down on Chewie’s new blanket and went to sleep. Hopefully that means they will be friends from the start. Whatever happens it won’t take long.
Chewie will be joining Stitch over on my Stitch Says blog…

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