November 25


LB, TB, LG, or Transgender

Ms.Cheng's Corner

If you cruised around the Lesbians society in Cambodia, you would likely encounter constant mentioning of “LB”“LG”,“TB”. These trends sort of just caught on, and nobody knows for sure about the words’ origins, or their definite usages. As a part of this community from 2011 follow through to 2012, I will try my best to explain this.

The following paragraphs will each correspond to a term, its general usage, and its usage in Cambodian teenagers and young adult context.


LB, is mostly seen as the abbreviation of LESBIAN. According to Wikipedia, Lesbians are females who have romantic or sexual relationships with other females. One example of this is Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi (they are married, and both are lesbians). In Cambodia, It is used to generally identify homosexual women.

TB stands for TOMBOY. Tomboy, by western definition is used…

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