September 29


Match these Presidents with their Dogs

Northern News

In honor of American Humane Association’s Adopt-a-Dog Month, here’s a little quiz for you.

Bo and Sunny, White House dogs Bo and Sunny, Portuguese Water Dogs, are the current residents at the White House.

  1. Bill Clinton                   A. Spot, the Springer Spaniel & son of Millie
  2. George Bush                 B. Fala,the Scottish terrier
  3. John F. Kennedy          C.  Laddie Boy, the Airedale terrier
  4. Barack Obama              D. Millie “wrote” a book with the First Lady
  5. Franklin Roosevelt        E. Charlie, a Welsh terrier
  6. Warren Harding           F. Buddy, the chocolate Lab, hated by Socks
  7. George W. Bush            G.  Lucky, the Bouvier
  8. Ronald Reagan             H. Bo & Sunny, (Portuguese Water Dog)

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