December 24


Introducing McQueen


For decades, Steve McQueen was the “King of Cool” and the counter-culture anti-hero. Alexander McQueen was the chief designer at Givenchy and British fashion designer. Together the name McQueen is the pinnacle of fashion, culture, and style.

In honor of Steve McQueen and Alexander McQueen, I name my BMW.

McQueen is more than a purchase for me. Three years ago, my ex and I broke up. He had strayed from the relationship and the breakup was messy. Because I opted to keep a stiff upper lip and not share the details of why we parted, he took the car, he took many of the friends, he took a lot more than most breakups.

This car represents saying goodbye to the past. The fight with the ex happened exactly three years ago from the car purchase. The fight took place in the car I had helped put the down payment on. This BMW represents the road ahead.