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February 16

‘It’s My Party’ Singer Lesley Gore Dies At 68

February 15

Looking At Other People’s Bucket Lists

February 14

Valentine’s Day 2015 – As Time Goes By

Valentine’s Day remains one of my favorite holidays regardless of whether I am single or dating someone. It remains for me an annual reminder to be grateful for love in our lives. And so I find myself Valentine’s Day morning working on my Oscar List and watching one of my favorite movies – Casablanca. Call […]

February 13

Breaking Up with A Valentine Tradition

February 12

Homosexuality: it’s time to talk about it  

Originally posted on Komaba Times:
Amaël Cognacq “Basically, in Japan, homosexuality’s existence itself is outrightly denied. I cannot be satisfied by this,” says a lesbian student at the University of Tokyo. In Japan, same-sex couples do not exist legally. Socially, homosexuality lacks both recognition and representation. In this uncomfortable situation, how do LGBT students of…

February 11

Seeing Part of Ourselves in Nature

CNN wrote a story about the world’s loneliest whale. The whale has been known as the 52-Hertz Whale. The 52-hertz Whale is an individual of an unidentified whale species, which has been detected regularly in many locations since the 1980s, calling at the very unusual frequency of 52 Hz. This pitch is a much higher […]

February 10

Your Drunk Alter Ego

At some point you discover your drunk alter ego. We have all woken up with the thought, “Who was I last night? And what the f*** did I do?” Your drunk alter ego is sometimes your better half, sometimes your more social half, occasionally the half that makes an appearance at party when last call […]

February 04

Evening in Bali

It was a decade ago that I was last in Bali. I was visiting the island on a graduation trip with one of my close college buddies. We went surfing, explored the food and hiked the mountains. Now a good friend is in Indonesia and experiencing the island life. I am sharing a photo from […]

February 02

Travel Boldly, Travel Wisely

The journey is the destination. The people make the journey. So much of my next few years will be focused on traveling and exploring, I have thought a lot about how I am going to go about doing that. Thus, I find myself considering my comrades on the journey. I feel blessed to have my […]

February 01

Me And My Shadow

Originally posted on JMC813:
Welcome back my grinning friend You’ve been away far, far too long Where the HELL have you been? ? No wait, you best not answer me You see, it is questions like this That get me in all sorts of trouble ? Like the time we……..never mind I shudder to think of the…