Breaking Up with A Valentine Tradition

The Life of Jake & Josh

It may seem silly or crazy, but this is the first year I don’t think I will be watching the movie Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day. Every since that came out, that is what I usually do once I get home from work. Break open a package of Reese’s Heart’s and watch that movie.

Writing that seems kinda sad and maybe slightly embarrassing. It isn’t like the movie is great, but it is cheesy in a good way. Also, how could you say no to a movie with such a large and potentially hard to follow cast? Plus, it has Taylor Swift in it!

It also wasn’t sad. I quite enjoyed my little tradition. It gave me something to do.  I don’t know what Josh was doing a year ago on Valentine’s Day, but I know I worked, watched Valentine’s Day, and then had a binge date with Breaking…

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