February 10


Your Drunk Alter Ego


At some point you discover your drunk alter ego. We have all woken up with the thought, “Who was I last night? And what the f*** did I do?” Your drunk alter ego is sometimes your better half, sometimes your more social half, occasionally the half that makes an appearance at party when last call comes.

When I try to describe my drunk alter ego, I find myself at a loss for words. My drinking names are known as Ghost and Sweet Pea. I tend to disappear as the night wears on or wander myself into trouble.

Your drunk alter ego may be the obnoxious one who tells the bartender: less ice, make it strong, make it right.

Whether your drunk alter ego is the sexual panther, the “did she even drink”, or the the clothes taker offer, embrace it. There is a social Shabbat of sorts that takes the twenty or thirty-something from Thursday night to Sunday night.

If you want to continue this conversation, here are 36 lies that your drunk alter ego tells you.