February 01


Me And My Shadow



Welcome back my grinning friend

You’ve been away far, far too long

Where the HELL have you been?

No wait, you best not answer me

You see, it is questions like this

That get me in all sorts of trouble

Like the time we……..never mind

I shudder to think of the damage

We have caused together, you and I

I see you creeping in my window

Your black toothed smile on display

With boundless Devilry in your eyes

As hard as I try to look the other way

You keep showing up at my feet

Seemingly taller every time

As my days get shorter and fewer

Can I rely on you my tried and trusted

To be there when any light shines?

Counting on me to look into that light

Finding the brighter side of circumstance

While you balance it with dark presence

Don’t be gone so long next time you stray

Stay close in case I am lacking distraction

You happen to…

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