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August 07

Crazy Days According to “Queer as Folk”

It was an insane day at work today. The kind that makes you guzzle a root beer float, eat some Mac ‘N Cheese, and pop in your favorite British TV series. Which got me thinking… Who said it best about crazy situations and bad days?! “Queer as Folk” UK did. Below is how Vince Tyler […]

July 07

Remembering “Queer as Folk”

With “Skins” and “Packed to the Rafters” ending, I am getting sentimental about my television. Some boys had baseball cards growing up, I had my TV cards and TV Guides that charted the history of this wonderful medium. For me no shows were more important in high school and college than “Queer as Folk” UK […]

“Queer as Folk” The Whole Love Thing Sorted

Nothing beats the original. In 1999, a phenomenon hit the UK. “Queer as Folk” premiered on Channel 4 and British television was never the same. The series followed three gay men – Nathan, Stuart, and Vince – and took the viewer on a journey on these men’s intertwined relationships. The show was attacked by critics […]