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December 19

‘A Kiss At The End of the Rainbow’

“A Mighty Wind” is a 2003 American mockumentary comedy-drama film about a folk music reunion concert in which three folk bands must reunite for a television performance for the first time in decades. One of my favorite songs in it is ‘A Kiss At The End of the Rainbow.’ Check out the song and let […]

December 01

R.I.P. Paul Walker

Actor Paul Walker — a self-styled adrenaline junkie best known for his role in “The Fast and the Furious” movies — was killed Saturday in a fiery single-car wreck in Southern California. I was a huge fan of Paul Walker and eagerly awaiting the seventh film in the franchise.

September 19

Everything Wrong With “Twilight” In 6 Minutes Or Less

You demanded it, and we suffered through watching it multiple times. We’re scarred for life, but here’s your sins video for Twilight, the modern vampire love story everyone either loves or loves to hate. Cinema Sins took on the original 2008 “Twilight,” and counted the number of mistakes and sins in the film. From “This […]

What ‘Man of Steel’ gets wrong about Superman (hint: that ending) — SPOILERS

AIDS LifeCycle Day 1

Every day this week, I am will write an HIV / AIDS-related post in honors of AIDS LifeCycle. Today the riders rode into Santa Cruz. To recognize their accomplishment and the 82.5 miles they covered today, I am putting up the finale from “And the Band Played On.”

Things Movies Taught Us

Originally posted on Thoughts Appear:
Haaaaaave you met Lisa? Lisa is a humor blogger who plays an unconvincing lawyer in real life.  She shouldn’t be allowed around sharp objects, anything breakable, or anything with carbohydrates.  She prefers dogs over most people, and food over most everything. Her blog will make you feel better about your own…

12 Movies Curious Gay Kids Watched In The ’90s

via BuzzFeed. 12 Movies Curious Gay Kids Watched In The ’90s If you were young and figuring yourself out, these were the flicks you paid extra attention to. We might not have been out in the ’90s — we might not even have realized we were gay — but there were certain movies that captured […]

The Talking Dog in “Road Trip”

There is Lassie, there is Beethoven, then there’s the talking dog in the classic film “Road Trip.” Check out the clip and you will never look at your dog the same, seriously. And if you have a lazy afternoon, check out the movie. You won’t regret it. Random pop culture fact of the day, DJ […]