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November 02

The Day My Dog Became A Socialite

Today Max becomes a socialite by attending his first fundraiser. Swing by Embarcadero and Brannan to support Muttville, a charity aimed at helping senior citizen dogs who have no homes. Max is going to have a great time at the festival. There will be a costume contest, booths with dog gifts and information, and appetizers […]

October 28

Struggles of Shelter Pets

September 19

Mornings with Max

Five years ago I rescued a sweet pup named Max. He was 1/2 pitbull and 1/2 lab.┬áTo be honest, I never wanted a pitbull. I always thought of them as a dangerous dog. I grew up with Hounds, Eskies, and a host of other breeds. Then I came across this little guy in a pound […]

June 18

Let Your Dog Sniff

Originally posted on Bark Time = everything and nothing:
When you take your dog for a walk, let him sniff. Smell is the most important sense for dogs, as important as sight is to humans. Use this to your advantage when you take your dog for a walk. Let him really discover and explore his world…

March 08

Dog Rules

Welcome to my house! These are rules to keep in mind when talking to a dog owner.

February 22

Repost: “Shelter Dogs’ Before and After Photos Will Fetch Your Feels”

Repost: “Shelter Dogs’ Before and After Photos Will Fetch Your Feels” My dog, Max, and cat, Zoe, are rescues and the center of my life. Anytime I see a blog post or news article about rescued animals from animal shelters I remember when I brought Max and Zoe home. My pitbull Max was rescued from […]

February 02

A Radical Plan to Eliminate Dog-Friendly Areas in SF

Dog owners: The Golden Gate National Recreation Area has an extreme plan to eliminate dog walking in areas of Fort Funston, Crissy Field, Ocean Beach, Muir Beach, and Marin Headlands. 50% of San Francisco homes have dogs, yet few people in San Francisco know about this impeding ban. Let’s keep the Bay Area dog friendly. […]

November 22

New Addition #labrador #puppy

Originally posted on ghostnapped:
Okay I know I blog about the dogs a lot, but you know you love it. They are a big part of our lives and my writing. I have missed my sweet boy Obi as has my Little Man Stitch. They were quite a pair. Anyway it is time to make…

August 26

Happy Dog National Appreciation Day!

Happy National Dog Appreciation Day to Max! National Dog Appreciation Day was started in 2004 to recognize the massive number of shelter pets looking for a good home and to encourage their adoption. Consider adopting a dog from an animal shelter or donating to the SPCA.

August 13

My Dog and Cat Are Famous!

So today I came home to find out Max and Zoe had been selected for Nature’s Recipe Facebook Page. Congratulations guys! And yes they are cuddling right now as I write this.