September 19


Mornings with Max


Five years ago I rescued a sweet pup named Max. He was 1/2 pitbull and 1/2 lab. To be honest, I never wanted a pitbull. I always thought of them as a dangerous dog. I grew up with Hounds, Eskies, and a host of other breeds.

Then I came across this little guy in a pound in the middle of Illinois. Next thing I know I am skipping my flight back and catching a ride with Max back to San Francisco.

Everything I had heard about pitbulls was wrong. Max is an awesome dog, great with kids and people, lovable and patient, and a bit of a comedian.

Max was being a ham this morning. This is his, “Hey Dad” time to wake up face.

We are both ready to hit the beach and go for a hike. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!