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January 30

Benedict Cumberbatch And Stephen Fry Among Supporters Of Request For LGBT Pardon

Originally posted on EILE Magazine:
Alan Turing, photo Elliott & Fry Studio 1951 An open letter, calling on the British Government to pardon 49,000 individuals, of which 15,000 are still living today, who were convicted of homosexual acts, has been signed by such luminaries as Stephen Fry and Benedict Cumberbatch, along with Alan Turing’s niece,…

January 21

The allies among us…

Originally posted on Michael Anthony Goodman:
“Is the Gay Community Scaring Away Our Straight Allies?” This was the title of an article I recently came across, and after being startled by the number of straight and allied friends who had posted it shortly after its release. The startling feeling did not come from the content…

December 05

Why America needs a new Harvey Milk

Originally posted on Can't rest with the unrest:
“If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet shoot down every closet door.”  -Harvey Milk The Harvey Milk foundation leads Milk’s legacy after he was shot on November 27, 1978.  Unlike other public figures, Milk knew he was going to be assassinated.  But the…

November 13

Relevancy: The Gay and The News; and The Pride in Coming Out

Originally posted on Aries Gay Man Musings:
I have always been the kind of person that considers his sexuality something personal (which is not the same as private). Therefore, I’m not fond of the ‘Hey, I’m X and I’m Gay’. I simply do not consider it relevant at stage of the conversation. However, this ‘relevancy’…

October 29

Flashback: “1983 – Having Claimed 558 Lives, AIDS Finally Made It to the Front Page”

“The greatest regret of my career is that I didn’t try to do more to improve our coverage of AIDS.”@DavidWDunlap: nyti.ms/1tLOWGx A prominent New York Times reporter takes a look back on the fight against HIV / AIDS. David W. Dunlap has worked at The Times for 39 years. He recalls the early news coverage of AIDS and […]

October 22

Gay Life During the Height of the HIV / AIDS Epidemic

Queerty profiled a moving photo series on gay couples during the HIV / AIDS era. The photo journalism project feels like a window into another era. Here is the overview of the project from Queerty: “In the Summer of 1986, photographer Sage Sohier set out to document the lives of gay and lesbian Americans in […]

October 12

Remembering Matt Shepard

For 16 years, Matthew Shepard’s brutal murder has represented the very worst of American anti-gay bigotry. The crime has been a rallying cry for a more tolerant, more inclusive society. Late on the night of October 6, 1998, 21 year old Matthew Shepard left a bar in Laramie, Wyoming with Aaron McKin­ney and Russell Henderson. A […]