November 13


Relevancy: The Gay and The News; and The Pride in Coming Out

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Aries Gay Man Musings

I have always been the kind of person that considers his sexuality something personal (which is not the same as private). Therefore, I’m not fond of the ‘Hey, I’m X and I’m Gay’. I simply do not consider it relevant at stage of the conversation.

However, this ‘relevancy’ of one’s sexuality has been put at the stake recently (and for the past decade). As the laws of different countries change and the gay collective (and people) get more attention, we often hear (mostly by straight people) ‘How is your sexuality relevant?’, ‘Why do you introduce yourself with your sexuality?’ (a bit of an exaggeration, even though sometimes does happen), ‘Why is this on the news?’ or ‘What’s the pride in it?’.

Most of the time, these are comments on Social Platforms replying to the news. I feel like answering all of them! But I thought I would…

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