November 12


The Real Dogs of the RMS Titanic (?)

∫ Captain Smith's dog "Ben", who was left behind just before the maiden voyage of the Titanic.

Featured E - Magazine

If you are a dog lover, you will love this story. The other day, our local dog park posted something about the dogs who survived the Titanic on Facebook.  So, I wanted to do a little research.  I have never really read or heard much about the dogs that went down with the RMS Titanic, but I found this topic sort of interesting.  I wasn’t sure how authentic the photo was depicting three dogs tied up to a railing on the Titanic.  Was the photo real?  I’ve never seen this photo in all the years of reading about the sinking of the Titanic.

Maybe the photo would hold the clues?  I see wood decking that was on the Titanic, but did the Titanic have railing like this?  How sad to think that these animals perished in the cold, icy waters of the Atlantic.  So I set off to do a little…

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