August 08


it could be worse

It Could Be Worse


Welcome to my new obsession.

I am a huge fan of all TV ranging from broadcast “The Mindy Project”, Web series “Dorm Life”, or British “Skins.”

My latest addiction was introduced to me by my best friend and his husband. The Web series “it could be worse” follows a struggling actor – Jacob Gordon – who can’t catch a break. His epic streak of bad luck – in his professional life and personal life – might change when he’s cast in a Broadway musical.

The Washington Post  nailed why the series rocks. The article called the series ‘awesomely addictive’ and ‘what Smash might have been…had it found a looser and sharper-witted footing.’

Need another reason to watch? If you are a 20- or 30-something who feels you may have lost your way, this Web series helps you realize many of us are lost with you.

Your Wolf Pack may be larger than you think.