Channing Tatum Saturday – Channing Tatums Takes His Pants Off After He Jumps Out Of A Helicopter

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The past few weeks, Channing Tatum has been doing some surprising things. It’s not a bad thing either!

First, at Comic-Con in San Diego, Channing sang along with Biz Markie’s hit song “Just A Friend.” Now he’s jumping out of helicopters!

This Monday, Channing will be on ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls.’ As you can probably guess, he jumps out of a helicopter by doing a backflip into a body of water, but after he does something that I never though of doing after such a dangerous move. Channing takes off his pants, not like we haven’t seen him in his undies before!! Hello Magic Mike. He does take off his pants for a good reason though, other than giving us something to drool over. Watch below!

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