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July 07

Why I loved Chris from “Skins”

Chris Miles from “Skins” has to be one of my favorite TV characters of all time. Then again, as a disclaimer, I love all British television. But I digress, back to Chris Miles… The character is the opposite of me and I loved living vicariously through his spontaneous take of life. Chris is often irresponsible, […]

July 07

Remembering “Queer as Folk”

With “Skins” and “Packed to the Rafters” ending, I am getting sentimental about my television. Some boys had baseball cards growing up, I had my TV cards and TV Guides that charted the history of this wonderful medium. For me no shows were more important in high school and college than “Queer as Folk” UK […]

July 06

The Facebook Generation

The Facebook Generation. I’m 28 years old, and Facebook belongs to my generation. I joined Facebook as a college student, when it truly was ours and only ours.  All the youth growing up now constantly connected to the internet are following in our footsteps.  In high school, we chatted on AOL Instant Messenger late into […]

Paris, France

Will this generation reach avatar immortality?

Originally posted on Avataric:
If you have been following transhumanist thinkers or prophets of the singularity (Ray Kurzweil et al), the ambitious 2045 Initiative may be familiar to you. Its lofty goal is to accelerate us from being consumers who do nothing more than maintain the status quo (the dismissive view of humanity today, as seen…

What ‘Man of Steel’ gets wrong about Superman (hint: that ending) — SPOILERS

Why isn’t there Straight Pride month?

Posted via CNN. On North Halsted Street, between Buckingham and Roscoe in Chicago, a monument stands with a plaque in honor of a brilliant thinker who is as responsible for the way we live our lives today as any person who has ever lived. His name is Alan Turing, a Brit, and among his many […]

What Should Microsoft Do Next?

Originally posted on JGN:
During Sony’s E3 presser, the company was welcomed with deafening cheer after proclaiming that PlayStation 4 will support used games, will not require an online connection and will be competitively priced at $399. Any digital restrictions will stem from publishers and not be platform wide. Essentially, PlayStation will maintain the status…