What Should Microsoft Do Next?



During Sony’s E3 presser, the company was welcomed with deafening cheer after proclaiming that PlayStation 4 will support used games, will not require an online connection and will be competitively priced at $399. Any digital restrictions will stem from publishers and not be platform wide. Essentially, PlayStation will maintain the status quo of the current generation. This strategic moves shows that Sony has developed a next generation console that is a love letter to gamers and developers alike. This moves shows that Sony employees are gamers themselves, listen to gamers and, in turn, know what gamers want in a next generation console. Sony has effectively secured an advantageous footing above Microsoft on the road to the next generation.

It is now Microsoft’s move, and it better be a mighty good one. Or Three.

Their first major move to entice early adopters and other gamers to Xbox One should be…

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