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August 10

A Dog’s Best Friend – A CAT

Originally posted on fluffyfurry:
Now it could be said that Fonzie loves everybody.  He runs at warp speed to greet every human, even if he just saw you 5 minutes ago.  He loves Jake, just like a little brother adores a much older sibling and he loves Snowbelle, Cookie and Dillinger even though they do…

September 18

A Zoe Moment

It is hard to write about one of my kids without sending a shout out to my other kid. This is Zoe. She is a Tabby Cat with a personality. She is quite friendly and her best friend Max and her like hanging out. So here is my little girl peering out from the blankets. […]

March 14

My Dog and My Cat on a Lazy Afternoon

Max – my dog – and Zoe – my cat – hangout in the spring sun of San Francisco. Max likes to stare at the door and Zoe hangs out in a box. Growing up I always thought dogs and cats were the ultimate foes. It wasn’t until I adopted Max and Zoe that I […]

January 22

PSA of the Day: Please Microchip Your Pets

So Touching! You Have To See This Dog’s Reaction To Being Rescued, I’m Almost In Tears! Dora the German Shepherd was missing for 7 months, but thanks to a microchip that was implanted under her skin, she was finally reunited with her family at Collin County Animals Services in McKinney, TX. Her reaction is nothing […]

October 16

The Story of Mew

via My Three Kitties’ Blog A hiker was just finishing his excursion, and was heading back to his jeep when he heard something making “mew” sounds up ahead. He was concerned and ran forward only to discover this little tiny rat curled up into a ball. Confused, he tapped it lightly with his foot, and […]

Non-profit provides “food stamps” for pets

Non-profit provides “food stamps” for pets The Pet Food Stamps program, a registered NYS non-profit corporation, has been created to fill the void in the United States Food Stamp program which excludes the purchase of pet food and pet supplies. In these rough economic times, many pet owners are forced to abandon their beloved pet […]

January 06

Dog or cat? Pick a side.

Ask anyone whether they are a dog or a cat person and they have a quick response. However, there is a growing group of us that don’t have a simple answer to that question. We are the new breed (sorry for the word choice there) of owners of both a canine and a feline. We […]