October 16


The Story of Mew


via My Three Kitties’ Blog

A hiker was just finishing his excursion, and was heading back to his jeep when he heard something making “mew” sounds up ahead. He was concerned and ran forward only to discover this little tiny rat curled up into a ball. Confused, he tapped it lightly with his foot, and it came to life and latched onto his shoe.

His heart stopped, he knew this little critter needed someone to love and care for it. He picked it up, wrapped it into his sweater, and drove it to the nearest animal hospital. He was told by a nurse that there was a 3 hour wait, but he pleaded with her to get put first on the list, and showed her what he was holding. The woman almost burst into tears after laying her eyes on the little creature and found a vet on call to help them immediately.

This is her today. Her name is Mew, and she just gave birth to her first litter of kittens.