August 10


A Dog’s Best Friend – A CAT



Now it could be said that Fonzie loves everybody.  He runs at warp speed to greet every human, even if he just saw you 5 minutes ago.  He loves Jake, just like a little brother adores a much older sibling and he loves Snowbelle, Cookie and Dillinger even though they do not share that sentiment.  That’s ok Fonzie is oblivious to the haters. We should all take note.  But he loves, loves Peter.  So weird.  Right away we noticed that Fonzie and Peter had similar personalities – they are both pests.  Lovable, sweet, adorable pests.  Peter sleeps on average maybe just 4 hours in a 14 hour period.  So weird for a cat.  Instead he is awake, pestering you with head butts, walking back and forth on your reading material or computer and especially crying to go out for a walk.  So not normal. By the way I do take…

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