January 06


Dog or cat? Pick a side.

Ask anyone whether they are a dog or a cat person and they have a quick response. However, there is a growing group of us that don’t have a simple answer to that question.

We are the new breed (sorry for the word choice there) of owners of both a canine and a feline. We make no apologies for our dual allegiance. (See Exhibit A below – my dog Max and my cat Zoe napping after our Thanksgiving meal.)


Max and Zoe are best friends. Sure Max is a little more social and Zoe a bit more aloof, but I love my kids equally.

Some researchers argue that you can even tell the personality of a person by whether they own a dog or a cat. Dog people are more extroverted, agreeable, and conscientious and cat people are more creative, adventurous, and more likely to have anxiety (See Exhibit B – a University of Texas study that backs up these claims.) I think it is not as simple as that.

As much as we would like to say… dog or cat? Pick a side. You can’t.

Today there are more and more cases of dogs and cats serving as best friends to each other. Check out this story of a stray cat who is giving a blind dog a better life. So let’s just agree there are dog people, there are cat people, and there are dog and cat people.

And if you are wondering what if dogs and cats were people and how they would behave, someone already answered that question for you.

Max and Zoe Goldsmith