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September 12

My New Addition – AOL Original Series New York City Ballet

It started innocently enough. I was sitting at home on a Sunday morning scrolling through my newsfeed. Then I came across the AOL Original Series city.ballet. The docudrama series reveals the inner workings and desires of the New York City Ballet. Ballet has a center, a calm place where dancers can express themselves with a […]

August 30

Channing Tatum Saturday: Channing Tatum in Milan 2002

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Throwback Thursday to actor, Channing Tatum, and his glamorous start to fame and fortune. Before the Hollywood actor was seen breakdancing on the movie Step Up and running wild along co-star Jonah Hill in the movie 21 Jump Street, he debuted as a runway model in Milan at the ripe age of…

August 23

Channing Tatum Saturday – Tatum loves book

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August 16

Channing Tatum Saturday – Channing Tatum, Chris Evans, James Marsden, Eddie Redmayne don’t take style for granted

August 14

15 Reasons Why Samantha Jones Should Reign

August 09

Channing Tatum Saturday – Channing Tatums Takes His Pants Off After He Jumps Out Of A Helicopter

August 02

Channing Tatum Saturday – “Step Up”

Channing Tatum had just finished “Coach Carter” and “She’s the Man” when he took on the role of Tyler Gage in “Step Up” with Jenna Dewan. The final dance sequence in the movie is one of my favorite dance moves in any film. I do have to admit,  the camera work does greatly help the […]

July 26

Channing Tatum Saturday – It Is Coming Back

A little over a year ago, I tried an experiment. Every Saturday on my blog was dedicated to Channing Tatum. After awhile, I felt the weekly posts got a bit too intense. Then I got emails from the readers of “Bluxome Street Post” that they missed the weekly series. Now I am bringing that tradition […]

July 24

“Pitch Perfect” – The Riff Off

One of the best scenes in “Pitch Perfect” – The Riff Off. The scene combines the best elements of the film – great songs, cute actors, and random pieces of pop culture coming together. The Riff Off takes place among the 4 a cappella groups on campus- the Barden Bellas, the Treblemakers, the High Notes and […]

May 26

The “New York Post” Nailed It

“The New York Post” nailed in its coverage of Kim and Kanye’s nuptials. “Two jackasses got married in Italy Saturday,” the Post’s story begins. I won’t belabor the point, but the whole wedding and events leading up to it were intended for ratings. At best the whole event was obnoxious, at worst it distracted us […]