Channing Tatum Saturday – It Is Coming Back

Channing Tatum

A little over a year ago, I tried an experiment. Every Saturday on my blog was dedicated to Channing Tatum. After awhile, I felt the weekly posts got a bit too intense. Then I got emails from the readers of “Bluxome Street Post” that they missed the weekly series.

Now I am bringing that tradition back. Welcome to Channing Tatum Saturdays!

Today we start with the drug scene from “21 Jump Street.” It is one of the funniest scenes in the movie and shows in addition to being a sexy beast, Channing has some comedy chops.

First some context, “21 Jump Street” focuses on Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill resurrecting the 21JS program.

After bumbling an arrest, Channing and Jonah are shipped to the resurrected program “21 Jump Street” to infiltrate and stop a new drug HFS (Holy Fucking Shit) from spreading through the Metro City schools.

There were 5 stages to HFS.

Stage 1- The Giggles
Stage 2- Trippin Major Ballsack
Stage 3- Over Confidence
Stage 4- **** Yeah Mother ******
Stage 5- Asleepyness

Check out the clip, watch Channing and Jonah go through the 5 stages, and let me know what you think… of Channing and of the movie.