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My Top “The Mindy Project” Moments

Originally posted on Ok, Arielle:
If you’re a fan of “The Mindy Project,” then you might have been on a roller coaster of sorts in the past 2 weeks. With the sad news of its cancellation, and then the exciting news that the show had been picked up by Hulu, I myself have been so…

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When You Know, You…Know?

Originally posted on Mimosas with Morgan:
When you know you know – but what if it’s one-sided? I’m often told that I’m confident and bold and I would agree but when it comes to revealing that this ice queen can actually have romantic feelings for someone, it’s hard. I have feelings for my best friend…

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This love letter to Mindy Lahiri is also a love letter to myself

Originally posted on The Eggplant Emoji:
It is two days until The Mindy Project starts up again, and I can barely think about anything else. Mainly because I haven’t yet worked out how to watch it on Hulu from the UK, and without a Hulu subscription, so I have a lot of figuring-out to do.…

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Mindy Project Season 4 Episode 1

Originally posted on screenranks:
by Hannah Yasharoff WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD Mindy is back. In the season four opener, which Hulu released Tuesday morning at 1 a.m. EST, Mindy is sucked into an alternate universe where she and Danny didn’t get together on that plane in season two— instead, she meets and marries Matt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).…

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The Mindy Project is Back

Originally posted on A Watchers Guide to What's On:
Mindy is back and filled with all her regular deliciousness, thanks to Hulu. Granted The Mindy Project was officially back on Tuesday, I was in no rush to watch it; I knew it wasn’t going anywhere it’s on Hulu! First off, let talk about this…

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Mindy Week on the Blog

This week on Bluxome Street Post is dedicated to Mindy Kaling and “The Mindy Project.” The show soon returns to Hulu and I couldn’t resist spending 7 days talking about one of my favorite icons. For every woman or gay man that identifies with Mindy, I thank her. She makes no apologies for being who […]

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Promises to my dog

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Promises I make to my dog I promise to have realistic expectations of the role my dog will play in my life. I will remember that she is a dog, not a furry little human; she cannot satisfy all my emotional needs. I promise to protect my dog from dangers, such…