Mindy Project Season 4 Episode 1


by Hannah Yasharoff


Mindy is back. In the season four opener, which Hulu released Tuesday morning at 1 a.m. EST, Mindy is sucked into an alternate universe where she and Danny didn’t get together on that plane in season two— instead, she meets and marries Matt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Meanwhile, Danny is in India finally introducing himself to Mindy’s parents. Mindy sums the episode up best when she says, “It was like It’s a Wonderful Life, except it was in color and it wasn’t boring.” Plus, Danny definitely isn’t too far off from George Bailey. Here are the character power rankings for season four, episode one:

7. Freida Pinto: Frieda Pinto is kind of a b-word, you guys. Just like Matt was meant to be the alternate universe Danny-look-alike, Frieda is Mindy’s double. Sure, you might react harshly if another woman crashed your date and tried to convince…

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