The Mindy Project is Back

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Mindy is back and filled with all her regular deliciousness, thanks to Hulu.

Granted The Mindy Project was officially back on Tuesday, I was in no rush to watch it; I knew it wasn’t going anywhere it’s on Hulu!

First off, let talk about this once a week business… Why is it that other shows get a full season release for subscribers and once a week for non-subscribers, but this show is once a week for all. I was disappointed that I couldn’t sit a binge the entire fourth season. I was really looking forward to spending a whole day with Mindy this week, but nope I have been binge blocked. Another reason I wanted to get the chance to binge it is that I am getting rid of Hulu at the beginning of next week. Why Hulu, why did you do this to me [us]!

Anyhow, let me…

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