Monthly Archives: December 2014

December 24

Introducing McQueen

For decades, Steve McQueen was the “King of Cool” and the counter-culture anti-hero. Alexander McQueen was the chief designer at Givenchy and British fashion designer. Together the name McQueen is the pinnacle of fashion, culture, and style. In honor of Steve McQueen and Alexander McQueen, I name my BMW. McQueen is more than a purchase for me. […]

December 23

Trans Equality

On a Monday evening, I discovered the TV series Transparent. It is about the journey one Transgender person embarks on. Lets start the post with one distinction: Sex and gender are 2 different things. Sex is between your legs. Gender is between your ears. I have the utmost respect for the Trans Community. They are […]

December 21

Cane’s Bucket List

** From Cane’s Facebook Page. ** Cane’s Bucket List is dedicated to a loving 6 year old Pit Bull who is diagnosed with thyroid cancer with only months to cherish. I am inspired by Cane’s owners who are going through the loss of a beloved pet and yet working to raise awareness of pitbulls as […]

December 20

Bette Davis Eyes

In 1981, Kim Carnes made a song that would start a decade. “Bette Davis Eyes” spent nine weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was Billboard’s biggest hit of the year. The song is sultry and confident. Bette Davis even admitted that she was a fan of the song and thanked Kim Carnes for her tribute. […]

December 19

The Incomparable Tom Ford

I have a love / hate relationship with Tom Ford. His style is only surpassed by his ego. Ford epitomizes glamor, sophistication, sexual seduction to fashion. He was born Thomas Carlyle “Tom” Ford. He gained fame with the turnaround of Gucci and creation of Tom Ford label before directing the film, “A Single Man.” Tom Ford […]

December 18

About Me: Food Edition

This is about me: food edition. My favorite meal is breakfast. My favorite food is mac n’ cheese. There isn’t enough money in the world to get me to skip a great breakfast buffet. The best cuisine that I prepare is Italian. My perfect vacation would take place in the South Pacific and involve the […]

December 17

Life on the Beach

Life is better at the beach, isn’t it? I mean, we believe in the philosophy so much that we made it our motto. Days seem to pass so quickly. It is nice to stop. And watch the shadows change as the sun rises, hits its peak, and then sets. A drink at the beach – […]