December 14


The 20th Season of SantaCon


And with that, SantaCon hit San Francisco starting in Union Square spreading to North Beach, The Mission, Polk Street, you name it. The annual national celebration across 300 US cities takes drunk revelers on bar crawls in public displays of disorderly celebration.

How drunk are we talking about? ‘Tis the season for keep your kids at home, pull the shades kind of drunken.

My friends and I met up in Union Square where protesters were met with brosters dressed as drunken Santas, stoned reindeer, and slutty elves. Beach balls were flying high in the air as pot smoke wafted through the public space.

We took on 5 bars and walked our way through North Beach. People were friendly. Out of my group of 15 friends, we lost a few to hookups and 1 went down from drinking too much.

Make good decisions people. Stay safe this weekend as SantaCon continues.