Monthly Archives: June 2013

June 28

Happy Pride!

YouTube celebrates Pride by rounding up the best LGBT videos ever.

June 28

Why Does It Have to End???

“Packed to the Rafters” ends this year. The show’s ending is definitely something for the “dislike” button.

June 27

Vacation: Destination Panama

For the next 10 days, I am taking off for Panama. I will be staying in a resort in a rainforest. Very excited for the experience and the ability to detach from everything. In the meantime, I have queued up blog posts for the 200 or so people who come to my site daily.

June 27

Thoughts from James Dean

James Dean’s words of wisdom.

June 27

I call dibs

Why I love Zac Efron today.

June 27

Goodbye DOMA, Hello Honeymoon

Originally posted on Love & Leisure:
In honor of today’s momentous Supreme Court decision which struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), Love & LeisureĀ is proud to share this New York Times article about LGBT-friendly honeymoons from 2011: “Competing to Draw Gay Honeymooners.”

What’s next

Originally posted on Anti Racism Xenomorph:
Today is the day that DOMA died. SCOTUS finally stated that it was unconstitutional and the reactions on both sides was emotional. I have for the most part avoided the ignorance and bigotry I didn’t want to have my day ruined by the stupidity that is out there. I…