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June 27

Thoughts from James Dean

James Dean’s words of wisdom.

June 27

I call dibs

Why I love Zac Efron today.

June 27

Goodbye DOMA, Hello Honeymoon

Originally posted on Love & Leisure:
In honor of today’s momentous Supreme Court decision which struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), Love & Leisure is proud to share this New York Times article about LGBT-friendly honeymoons from 2011: “Competing to Draw Gay Honeymooners.”

What’s next

Originally posted on Anti Racism Xenomorph:
Today is the day that DOMA died. SCOTUS finally stated that it was unconstitutional and the reactions on both sides was emotional. I have for the most part avoided the ignorance and bigotry I didn’t want to have my day ruined by the stupidity that is out there. I…

Prop. 8 Plaintiffs Arrive at the Supreme Court for the Ruling

June 26

Don’t Trust Me

“Don’t Trust Me” (commonly referred to as “Don’t Trust a Ho”) is the second single by the band 3OH!3 and the third track from their second album Want. The official video begins with words being typed on the screen stating “A global virus of catastrophic proportions has attacked the entire male population. Only two male […]

The Rainbow Flag at 35

On June 25, 1978, the rainbow flag symbolizing gay pride first flew at the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade. So 35 years ago today the flag made its first appearance. Gilbert Baker was asked personally by Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person elected to public office in California, to create the flag. Soon after Harvey […]

Three Ways The High Court Might Rule On Your Marriage Equality

  via Queerty. With the Supreme Court expected to rule tomorrow, we take a look at how the justices might decide. When the U.S. Supreme Court struck down bans on interracial marriage in Loving v. Virginia in 1967, reality changed overnight for thousands of couples. Suddenly, Mildred and Richard Loving and their children could live in their […]

June 26

Let Freedom Ring Tomorrow

“Gay marriage a matter of liberty, justice – and only a matter of time.” – Sara Jongeward On the eve of The Supreme Court’s ruling on Prop. 8 and DOMA, Washington National Cathedral has announced a special prayer service for LGBT families. Tomorrow at San Francisco City Hall – SF Mayor Lee and California Lt. […]

June 25

“Before You Know It” explores nationwide depth of LGBT history and culture

Originally posted on The Highlighter:
by Kaitlin Gu Filmmaker PJ Raval’s latest documentary, “Before You Know It,” represents the living experiences of three elderly gay men: Ty Martin, a gay rights activist who provides a space for the LGBTQ community in Harlem with his work with the organization SAGE, Dennis, a widower who enters into…