Don’t Trust Me

“Don’t Trust Me” (commonly referred to as “Don’t Trust a Ho”) is the second single by the band 3OH!3 and the third track from their second album Want.

The official video begins with words being typed on the screen stating “A global virus of catastrophic proportions has attacked the entire male population. Only two male models from Colorado survive… this is their story”. The screen shifts to a shot of the band in briefs at a photo shoot. The set resembles that of a hotel. Another photo shoot takes place at a set resembling a high school wrestling match, where they are dressed in neon-colored singlets. The last photo shoot is in the prehistoric era, and the band is dressed as cavemen. The video ends with a shot of a mushroom cloud, and the words “Transmission terminated” are typed onto the screen. The video received a nomination at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards for Best New Artist.