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Anti Racism Xenomorph

Today is the day that DOMA died.

SCOTUS finally stated that it was unconstitutional and the reactions on both sides was emotional.

I have for the most part avoided the ignorance and bigotry I didn’t want to have my day ruined by the stupidity that is out there. I have to give Huff Po my most sincere thanks because they blocked the ignorant and bigoted commentary on the DOMA ruling. And my Facebook page is so well pruned that I only saw one mildly offensive comment and I do mean mild.

My girlfriend has learned – painfully – over the years that morning is the time when we do not talk. She waits until I engage her with more than a grunt or obligatory morning greeting and then we can talk. I stared groggily at my computer catching up on news (aka FB feed) and waiting for SCOTUS to come…

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